The aftermath of London Fashion Week

It was that time of the year again! Can’t say, I am a great fan of winter but February means, it’s all happening in London. We have, rather creative talents in London and the one show, that got me dreaming was Bora Aksu’s. The collection was based on his elegant mother Birsen and her letters during boarding school years in Turkey. The innocent- childlike models walked down the catwalk with braided hair and white ribbons.

bora_0214_131945_87B6048bora_0214_122324_87B5804 bora_0214_123120_87B5854

I was mesmerized with the enchanting music that took us, far and far away. Clothes were, as always adorned with details and as a fellow designer I could see the amount of   labour and love went in. There were beautiful leather pieces in dark reds and maroons and as a contrast silk tulles in pastel colours. No one could marry up the two with such a skill and dedication.

bora_0214_131951_87B6050 bora_0214_132008_87B6051 bora_0214_132145_87B6060 bora_0214_132530_87B6066

The traditional Turkish slippers, worn underneath heeled sandals were the icing on the cake and, could only be thought of by a genius. I have known Bora for over 10 years and I had the chance to work with him all those years ago, despite one thinking that I am bias, still, I like to put my neck out and say that his collection was the most amazing. He was the jewel of London Fashion Week.