The Va Va Voom Factor

It’s been a very busy summer with me and I’m extremely looking forward (dare I say the ‘c’ word…) Christmas.  I love the darker nights and the changes of the seasons, but more importantly, I heart the sequins, the LBDs, the fur, and the opaqueness of the tights.  To me the month of December is when women can transform from their typical office wear into elegant movie stars in the space of a few hours.  Albeit, it’s always a struggle to decide on exactly the ‘right’ dress, but with the designer stores and high street now brimming with options, a girl is certainly spoiled for choice this season.

My new capsule collection provides designs that can translate well at any time during the day and night.  The main colour is timeless black – the colour of the season and a colour that will hold it’s own in your wardrobe for as long as you need it too.  Below is a taster of the pieces – stay tuned for more to come!

Other trends this season are belts! If you’ve got a waist – then cinch it with an inch of its life with a maxi belt. Work the look on a knee length woollen camel coat or a plain and simple dress. 

The jackets of the season feature contrasting collars of fur or shearling and work it with suede or leather designs. Blanket scarves as seen on the Burberry runway make a welcome comeback this winter.  The bigger the pattern the better and don’t be afraid to mix and match the scarves with contrasting material and colours.  Accessorise with classic black leather gloves and you will be make an outfit that will turn all masses of bobble hats in your wake.

A final reason to love this season is obviously the X-Factor.  As a designer I have always tuned in at the weekend to check out the outfits of the night from the finest, Cheryl, and the guest stars.   The ladies (sorry Louis and Simon) never fail to disappoint and you can rest assured that whatever Cheryl and Mel B wear will be added to the wish list of every female viewer the length of breadth of the UK.  ( Well most of the time and apart from that rather strange emerald green gown that Cheryl wore Saturday night) This year I will also be rooting for one of my models – Chloe Jasmine, who will be giving it her all on the live shows.

Chloe Jasmine totally knocked me down on our first shoot (and second) with her charisma, stature, and effortless class.  She can literally transform any of my designs and wear it how it should be worn.  This is why she is now on my speed dial for when I need a model that delivers.  Here are some photos from our last shoot together – I think you will agree that she certainly has the ‘X-Factor’.  Good luck Ms. Chloe Jasmine!

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Love Arzu x


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